What is RSA and RCG all about?



Responsible Service of Alcohol SITHFAB002

The RSA is a workshop-style course that trains people, wishing to gain employment working in licenced premises, to be compliant with the current legislation on the Service of Alcohol in NSW.
This course will cover the legal responsibilities surrounding the service of alcohol, defining a standard drink and understanding the strengths of various types of drinks, recognising the levels of intoxication of customers and taking action to control alcohol consumption by intoxicated customers, how to recognise minors and  prevent underage drinking and display skills in the effective prevention or control of intoxicated, potentially violent customers.

Responsible Conduct of Gambling SITHGAM001 
The RCG is a workshop-style course, that is compulsory for anyone working in and around gaming venues in NSW. Any staff working in gaming areas on licensed premises are to complete an approved Responsible Conduct of Gambling course before commencing employment. This course will train student in areas such as the law and legislation in NSW as it applies to gambling, responsible and ethical promotion of gambling, responsible gambling strategies and safe environments for patrons, communication and informing patrons of player services available, communicating and informing patrons at risk, of counselling and support services should it be required.



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Please note: These are the standard books issued by Liquor & Gaming- this is not the complete RSA or RCG course material - our RTO provides extra information / case studies and role plays during the course.