How do I get my Competency Card


1. Pass your RSA / RCG Course and provide a valid USI number

2. Receive your "Interim Certificate" via email the very next business day
    You can now start work with the interim certificate until the expiry date on the front page

3. Search Service NSW website for the nearest location to apply for the Competency Card

4. When you attend the Service NSW outlet you will need to take with you-

      A printout of your interim statement - 2 pages along with
      100 points of ID - your interim statement tells you what ID's you will need       
      They will take a photograph of you (brush your hair and look good) and you need to sign a form

5. You will receive your competency card in the mail - usually takes 2-3 weeks

6. Once you have your card you will no longer need your interim statement.

    Go digital with you competency card Click Here


**** You must have your competency card or in date Interim Statement at the venue whilst your working
         If you cannot produce evidence that you are accredited in RSA you can be fined $55

**** If you lose your card click here



If you have already completed a RSA course and have a Competency Card and you have now returned to do your RCG you will NOT NEED to attend Service NSW to apply for a new card. NSW Liquor & Gaming already have your details and will automatically issue a new card to you.