Need to contact us about something or you cannot find something on our website look at the list below

I need to find out when the courses are run click here

I have completed a course but have not been sent my interim statement click here

I have lost my interim statement click here

The details on my Interim Statement are wrong click here

I need to change my booking click here

I already have a RSA or RCG card  or previously had a RSA/RCG card - what do I need to do when it expires click here

I'm from an employment Agency and want to book my client for a course click here

I'm from an employment Agency and want to pay an invoice click here

What do I learn in the RSA or RCG course click here

I have lost my RSA or RCG workbook and would like another copy click here

I am about to book a course but want to find out about the refund policy click here

I am about to book a course but have some questions about the training click here

I want to apply for my Competency Card and need to know where to go to click here

I can't find an answer to what I'm looking for click here

I have lost my competency card and need a new one click here

I want to go digital with my competency card click here

I have completed RSA or RCG and did not apply for my card before the expiry date on the

certificate - to find out more Click Here

I have applied for my competency card but I have not received it - don't call our office. You will need to contact Liquor and Gaming on 1300 024 720

I have lost my competency card can I still work? - YES - call the Police Assistance Line on 131444 and report your card missing or stolen. They will give you an event number which enables you to be on the job. Make sure you have the event number with you whilst working. You must apply to Liquor and Gaming for a new replacement card. See above to go digital and see the above to order replacement card.

USI Questions

How do I get a USI number click here


I have a USI number but can't remember what it is - go back to and select "Lost/Forgotten USI" and enter your details.


I am trying to retrieve my USI number and I can't remember my security questions or your details don't match - give them a call on 133873 - that is the USI hotline


My ID is a New Zealand Passport but does not give me the option on what to do. Good news for you just enter the Passport number and it will accept it just like an Australian Passport


Do you need to send through your USI - click here