It's as easy as following the steps below -


Step 1.

Ask your client if they have completed RSA or RCG training in the last 5 years. If they have click here.


Check our timetable from our website for courses dates and times.

Step 2.

You must complete the online booking form. We will then forward an invoice to you within 24 hrs of the booking request.

Step 3.

Your client attends and completes the course. Should the student not attend we will advise you of the non attendance to rebook.

Step 4.

Employment agency finalises payment. Click here to pay online or direct deposit to our bank account with the details on the invoice.

Step 5.

The official government interim certificate is emailed directly to the student within 24 hrs of the payment. This certificate will be valid for 90 days. The student will then have to attend a Service NSW outlet with 100 points of ID to obtain the official RSA/RCG plastic card. All the information on how to get the card is on the interim certificate issued to the client.

Please note: Once the online booking form has been received by Hospitality Courses this indicates a commitment for payment of the invoice. Should your client fail to attend the booking a second booking will be accepted. Should your client fail to attend the second booking full payment of invoice is required.

Please read our Employment Agency "Terms and Conditions".

Employment agency bookings


All students must be fully vaccinated.

Net Terms of Invoice are strictly 14 days.

A $5 surcharge will be added to the booking price for administration costs.

Any course specials do not apply to agency bookings. Standard prices apply to all invoice bookings.


If your client has completed RSA or RCG in the last 5 years they will not be able to sit for the course - click here.

Once the online booking form has been completed by your organisation this then indicates a commitment for full payment of the invoice. 

Client is expected to attend the course as per the booking in appropriate clothing (see pre course information) and abide by all instructions of the trainer.

Client must bring to the course appropriate photo ID and a pen.

Should the client be more than 5 minutes late they will not be allowed access to the course.

Should the client not attend the first booking a second booking can be made at no charge. Should the client not attend the second booking the employment agencey is liable for the full cost of the course.

The client will have to attend a Services NSW outlet with 100 points of ID to apply for the official plastic RSA/RCG compentency card.


Payment of invoice click here