Do you currently have a NSW RSA OR RCG Card - please read below

I have a RSA or RSA RCG competency card and its about to expire


NSW Liquor & Gaming will not allow you to re-sit a full RSA / RCG course. You must renew through the government system. NSW Liquor & Gaming will contact you about 3 months before expiry with a code to be able to renew.  

If you do not receive any notification Click Here and enter your card details and postcode and you can renew. REMEMBER you have 5 years and 28 day to renew RSA/RCG.

If you go past the 5 years 28 day period you will need to re-sit the full course again.

See above for extension of accreditation due to Covid 19.


I have a RSA or RCG Interim Statement and have gone past the 90 day expiry date.


Don't stress you will not need to re-sit another course. Apply for your card at Service NSW. It just means you are not accredited until you attend Service NSW and have your photo taken. You can get a digital version of RSA/RCG - go digital Click Here . Be aware that your interim statement will be live in the government system for 5 years and 28 days.



Are your details up to date with NSW Liquor and Gaming?


Make sure your details are correct click here . If your details are up to date you will be notified when your competency card is expiring.


 Just like all government departments it's the individual's responsibility to ensure their details are correct and up to date.



I have a RSA Competency card and now need to do my RCG


You will need to complete a face to face course and once you have done that you will be issued with your RCG Interim Statement which allows you to start work. NSW Liquor & Gaming will recognise that you already have a RSA card and will print a new card and send it to you. It does not cost any more money and the card will arrive 2-3 weeks after you have completed the course.

I have a RSA and RSG from another state (Not NSW)


Click here if you have a RSA from another state.

There is no option when it comes to RCG/RSG - you will need to sit through a face to face course.